Friday, August 27, 2010

New letter - "luv u...miss u"

Yes, I do make Incredimail Stationery other than Twilight and other entertainment. Made this one last night... found the picture in an old folder (wish I would have kept all my other stuff on the drive this was on LOL) and thought I'd make something around it. The Scrapkit I used is ChocoBerry Delice by Mirella and can be found on the blog - Scrapity Scrap and More.

Incredimail Stationery - Download "luv u...miss u"

I did not include the blank taggie in the footer with this one... sometimes I just don't like to share my blanks. LOL although I may offer it up in my yahoo group --- Tamm's Incredimail.

Well, it's a gorgeous day out and nearly lunch time... I should catch a shower, start laundry, and get some lunch (it's my day off... love long weekends)!

If you download any of my stationery, please let me know what you think whether it be at 4shared or here! Thanks!

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