Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Convoy 2008 - OOPSIE on me - Freebie

Here's the kit I worked on for a Christmas Convoy that I didn't sign up for in time. 16 papers and 16 elements (not 15 like the example says. LOL). This was the first kit I ever tried to make... thanks to everyone who continues to leave comments and words of encouragement. I hope you all find a use for the items in this kit if you download them. Thanks.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Winter Wonderland Blog Train Add On - Bookplates

Here's the other add on for my part of the Winter Wonderland Blog Train. Thank you again to everyone that's left comments for me. I do appreciate it.

The stuff that I did for the Christmas Convoy I didn't sign up for will be up tomorrow night. Until then, here's the other freebie I did for the Winter Wonderland Blog Train. Enjoy!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Winter Wonderland Blog Train Add On - Bottle Caps

First I wanted to thank everyone that has left me comments and thank yous and tips both here on my blog and at 4shared about my Winter Wonderland part. I have had alot of fun learning how to make the items I put into the kit and while I know that I'll never be as good as alot of the wonderful scrappers we have available to us world wide, I'm thrilled and honored and humbled by everyone who's downloaded my part. Okay enough sappy cuh-rud from me tonight... Onto the new freebie!

I have an add on to my part of the Winter Wonderland blog train I took part in. 9 bottlecaps. Drop shadow is not on the actual tubes.

I will be adding an additional add on to the kit later this weekend as well as another freebie mini-kit that was to be a part of a Christmas Convoy, however, silly me didn't sign up with the group in time... oh well... I'm still putting up the freebie... Be sure to check back late Saturday for the first of these two additional freebies!