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Stare At You Tutorial

Stare At You
Tutorial by Tammtamm, aka Tamm’s Exclusives
Any similarity to other tutorials is purely coincidental

Template by Heartbeatz Creationz
Scrap set is My Desire by Melissa of Sentimental Style

Supplies needed:
Above mentioned template,

two (2) images,

song lyrics ,and

two papers, a journal paper, and elements from the same Scrap kit or designer.

A Mask (I’m using 100maskkelsWWA.jpg) – you want to use a mask that gives a mist/soft background to the template and doesn’t become the focal point of your creation.

No outside filters needed (Yay!)


1.) Open the Template in Paint Shop Pro, Shift+D to duplicate it, close original.

2.) Open your images, duplicate them, and close the originals as well.

3.) Okay, back to the Template – close all layers on your layer palette except for the bottom grey rectangle. Select your magic wand then click on the grey box to select the box.

4.) Activate the image you want to be beneath the paper and lyrics layers. Go back to the template.

5.) Edit, paste, paste as new layer.

6.) Now select your Move tool and move the image so that what you want is inside the selection box. Resize your image if necessary. If you’ve resized the image, sharpen it.

7.) Selections, Invert, Delete, Select None.

8.) Over on the Layer Palette, delete raster 11, open Raster 4. You’ll need to move this raster (frame to your image) to the left a little. You can do that with your move tool by placing your move tool on the frame and moving to the left with your mouse.

9.) Add a drop shadow of V&H = 0, Opacity = 50, Blur = 12.00, color = black. (settings remain the same unless mentioned throughout the tutorial.

10.) Layers, Merge, Merge Down

11.) Activate Raster Layer 12 and repeat steps 4 through 10, however, use the Image that is to be on top of all the other layers.

12.) Open your Journal Paper, Copy

13.) On the Template, close Raster Layer 12 then activate Layer 2.

14.) Select the grey box with your Magic Wand.

15.) Edit, paste journal paper. With your Move Tool, position the journal paper to your liking, selections invert, delete. Select none.

16.) Go to your Text Tool and choose your font (mine is called Be Safe, size 20, Foreground color = black, background color is null). Enter the Lyrics in your text box and select okay. Over on the layer palette, make your text into a raster layer.

17.) Go back to layer 2 (you may have to close your journal & text layers for a moment) and select it with your magic wand. (Open your journal paper and text if you had to close them.)

18.) Position your text the way you want on top of the journal paper. *Note – if you just typed out a few lines to your lyrics, copy your text layer and position the copy layer at the bottom of the journal paper. Drop shadow both text layers, changing the opacity to 25. 19.) Activate Layer 5 and reposition the text if necessary. On Layer 5, add the drop shadow but change the Opacity back to 50.

20.) Merge Raster 5 down to your text layers and then down to the Journal Paper layer. Delete Raster 2.

21.) Close all layers except Raster 6.

22.) Open a scrap paper, edit, copy.

23.) Back to your template.

24.) With your magic wand, select your dark grey layer (layer 6)

25.) Edit, paste as new layer, resize your paper to you liking, position it within the selection to your liking, Selection, Invert, Delete. Select, None.

26.) Activate Raster 7, Drop Shadow.

27.) Delete Raster 6.

28.) Merge Raster 7 to Raster 2

29.) Create new Raster layer, flood fill with white, move to the bottom (underneath the template.

30.) Open another Scrap Paper, edit, copy

31.) Back to Template, paste as new layer above your white layer.

32.) Load your mask from disk.

33.) On Mask in layer palette – Merge Group.

34.) Activate/open all layers. Position your top image if needed to the right, but center it on top of your lyric box if possible.

35.) Add any elements, additional text, and your watermark.

36.) File, Export as jpg optimizer between 15 and 20

37.) File, Save As psp file to same folder that you exported the jpg to.

Your Header is done, but don’t close it yet. You still need it.

Side Border

1.) Close the white layer, mask layer, bottom photo layer, and any elements and text and watermark. Make sure one of the Active layers is selected.

2.) Edit, Copy Special, Copy Merged, Edit, Paste as new image.

3.) Position your merged image to the left.

4.) Canvas size – Width = 1600, height = 430 (you can change these to your liking), Left center. Leave some space between the image and the edge.

5.) Add new raster layer, flood fill white, move to bottom

6.) Add new layer, add your watermark.

7.) File Export Jpg optimizer 15 – 20


1.) Back to the Header

2.) Open all layers, delete any text, Crop excess white space if necessary. Merge Visible

3.) Resize – Smart size to 75% - you want it to be less than 400 x 400.

4.) Sharpen

5.) File Export jpg optimizer 15 – 20

You’re done now. All that’s left to do is put it together in Letter Creator!

Thanks for trying out my tutorial. Please link back to me at Thank you!

I would love to see your creations. Please feel free to email them to me at


An example of the Incredimail Letter...

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