Sunday, September 28, 2008

Never Give Up on your Dreams Tutorial

“Never Give Up On Your Dreams” Tutorial
created by Tammtamm, September 28, 2008
any similarities to other tutorials is purely coincidental
for personal use only

- Supplies needed: Template 21 by : Wild Creationz
- A scrapkit – I used pieces from the freebie download a day megakit – Autumn Rhapsody, available at during the month of September, 2008. The paper and elements specifically were created by BitsOScrap.

You’ll need one paper ( may need to resize it to at least 1280 x 1024 in size) and several elements (i.e., buttons, flowers, ribbons, etc), and a photo at least 600 x 600 in size.

Drop shadow settings will be 0,0,100,12.00 black unless otherwise specified in specific steps below.

1. Open up supplies and your photo.

2. Duplicate (shift+d) the template, minimize the original

3. Back to duplicate template, remove watermark layer

4. hide both heart layers

5. go to your photo and edit, copy

6. back to template, edit, paste, paste as new layer

7. position the photo beneath both “flag” shapes and keep it active.

8. select your move tool and position the photo so that the central focus of the photo will be on the light grey “flag” shape. Note: you may want/need to hide or unhide your “flag” shapes and you may need to resize your photo.

9. Once you have positioned your photo to your liking, duplicate the photo layer and move it above the flag shapes. Hide it for now.

10. Make sure both the duplicate photo layer and the lighter grey flag shape are hidden and activate your darker grey flag shape (you may need to unhide it too).

11. Activate your magic wand and select the darker grey flag shape.

12. Move your original photo layer above the darker grey flag shape. Activate the original photo layer.

13. Selections, Invert, hit your delete key.

14. Adjust, sharpen once if necessary.

15. Selections, select none.

16. Delete dark grey flag layer and hide the photo flag layer you just made.

17. Unhide the lighter grey flag and the duplicate photo layer.

18. Repeat steps 11 through 15.

19. Delete light grey flag layer

20. Add a drop shadow to both photo flag layers of 0,0,100,12.00 – black.

21. Now hide both photo flag shape layers and activate the big circle

22. Activate your scrap paper and duplicate it (shift+d), minimize original (you’ll need it for the side border)

23. Go back to your duplicate scrap paper. Smart Size it to 20% if necessary.

24. Edit, Copy – back to your template and the dark circle layer

25. Select your magic wand and then click on the dark circle to select it.

26. Edit, paste, paste as new layer

27. Make sure your scrap paper layer is active

28. Selections, invert, delete

29. Selections, select none

30. Add your drop shadow

31. TIP: If the paper your using is light in color, jazz it up with a brush in the color of black

32. Delete the dark circle layer

33. Unhide the heart layers and use them as guides to place your scrappy elements.

34. Add new layer

35. Place your watermark on new layer

36. Add text if you wish

37. Layers, merge, merge visible

38. Crop white space if necessary.

39. Export to jpg file. This is your header!

40. TIP: before I make the taggie, I also Save As pspimage so that I have all the layers to edit/play with for the tag and the side border.


41. Undo to before you add your watermark layer

42. Smartsize all layers to 65% (height no taller than 400 pixels)

43. Merge visible

44. Add new raster layer, place your watermark.

45. Export as JPG file – you now have your blank taggie


46. File, New – 1280 x 1024 (or your preferred screen/letter size), transparent, ok.

47. Activate your original scrap paper, duplicate, close original

48. Edit, Copy

49. Go to new image, edit paste, paste as new image – move the paper over so that your right edge is at 0x200 at the top on the new image – TIP: I usually magnify my image to about 800 percent to be precise on placement on the rulers.

50. Add a drop shadow of 0,5,100,12.00 – black.

51. Activate your header (the .pspimage we made of the header should still be open)

52. Edit, copy special, copy merged

53. Go to new image and paste as new layer, position it in the lower right hand corner of your new image and place that layer between the scrap paper layer and the bottom layer.

54. Change the opacity of the “header” layer to between 50 and 65%. – whichever your liking.

55. Back to your scrap paper layer. Make sure it’s active.

56. Go back to your Header psp image and pick and chose from your element layers, copy them individually and bring them over to the new image. Edit paste as new layer and then position them where you want them on top of your scrap paper.

57. TIP: If you used brushes on your Header and want to use them here, place the brushes on the paper BEFORE doing step 56.

58. Once everything is to your liking, add a new layer and add your watermark.

59. Export as JPG file

60. You’re done… now put together in Incredimail and don’t forget to give credit for your scrappy stuff you used, the template and please link back to my blog site -! Thanks!

My post below this one is what got me to write the tutorial.
This letter and the tag below it are what I used to sample
the tutorial.

Thanks for looking. Please let me know what you think of my tut!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Never Give Up on your Dreams - Scrappy letter and tag

So... I've had this dream for oh, about 20 years now... and it finally came true on September 23rd. See... when I was a teenager, we couldn't afford concert tickets for me to go see my favorite music group. I promised myself and listed this dream as number 1 on my list that when I could, I would go see this group. Well, about 15 years ago, they broke up... and then earlier this year... they announced a reunion and eventually tour dates and I grabbed the opportunity right up to see them.

This group re-affirmed why I love them so, so much even now. And the concert... it was the best concert I have ever been to... EVER! My seat was closer than I had thought it would be and my camera produced nearly half of the 200 or so photos that I took of the group.

The group ---- New Kids On The Block ... The Venue ----- Izod Center, East Rutherford, NJ

One of those photos I used in a new letter and tag Incredimail set for my group. I used a template by Wild Creationz - number 21 and a few pieces of a Scrappy Megakit called Punchy Summer. The pieces are by: Stephinette, Bea, and Loloden. Here's the sample of the letter.

And here's the taggie.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Scrappy Creation - 09-20-08

Used a template by Mari and the Afternoon Picnic Scrapset by Melissa for this set - a tag and matching Incredimail letter.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My First Tutorial - Tamm's Summertime

Tamm's Summertime Tutorial

This has been tested by me in PSP12 and PSP8.10.
No Plugins/filters needed unless you wish to get creative on me.
Supplies that will be needed:

(note...for my letter and tag, I used paper and elements by Melissa of Sentimental Style. I used pieces from both her Summer Rain and Thoughts of Spring kits. Thank you Melissa.)

1.) Open everything in PSP, minimize everything except for the template.

2.) Activate the top layer, edit, copy, edit paste as new image, minimize.

3.) Select background layer, Image, Canvas size, H & W set to 600, center button placement.

4.) Click on your frame layer (now s/b your top layer).
- Select your Magic Wand
- While holding down your shift key, click inside each of the three frames. You should now have 3 boxes.
- Selections, Modify, Expand, 5

5.) Activate your graphic/image. Shift+D, close original.- Edit, copy your graphic/image.6.) Activate template, copy, paste, paste as new layer.
- Place layer beneath frame.
- Resize so that what you want of the image is inside the frame(s),
- Selection, Invert, Delete,
- Select None.
- Adjust, Sharpen Image, Sharpen if necessary

7.) Select Frame layer
- Effects, 3D Efects, Drop Shadow (these settings will stay the same)
- Note: you should change the opacity to your liking. This is just a guideline.

  • V & H = 0
  • Opacity = 50
  • Blur 12.00
  • Color = Black

8.) Activate your pattern Paper, edit, copy. Minimize the paper.
- Back to Template.
- With your magic wand, select the Middle rectangle layer
- Edit, Paste as new layer.
- Resize paper if necessary to get the pattern just right for your look.
- Selections, Invert, Delete.
- Select None.- Add your Drop Shadow.
- Delete the layer that says Middle Rectangle.

9.) Repeat the steps in 8 for your Bottom Rectangle layer.

10.) Activate your Journal block/paper.
- Edit, Copy
- Edit, paste, paste as new layer on template.
- If color of block/paper isn't similar or doesn't complement the color scheme of your header, change it by adjusting the hue.
- Add text to the journal block/paper (text size between 14 and 18).
- Add drop shadow used above to text. Merge down.
- Move Journal block/paper to at least behind the frame and graphic layer and resize. Add drop shadow to the journal block/paper.

11.) Activate your element/embellishment and place behind the right side of the graphic/frame. Resize if necessary and use the same drop shadow.

12.) Add new layer and your watermark. 12a.) Add any additional text (i.e. Good morning, Summertime, Yada yada yada)

13.) File, Export, JPEG Optimizer of 15 or 20.

Don't close your header we still need it.

Side Border
14.) Activate your selection tool.
- You need a selection of about 37 by 216 of the two papers so on your layer pallet, close out all layers except for the two papers. Activate the top paper.
- Select Custom Selection.

  • Top = 228
  • Left = 110
  • Right = 147
  • Bottom = 444

15.) Edit, Copy Special, Copy Merged, Edit, Paste, Paste as new image

16.) Effects, Image, Seamless Tile, Edge, Vertical, 50, 50

17.) Back to template, close out top paper, select bottom paper, edit, copy.

18.) Back to your new image, edit, paste, paste as new layer, move to bottom, duplicate layer.

19.) Make sure your patterned paper is the top layer and then image, canvas size, Height = 216 and width set to 1280 or however wide you want it. Placement - Left should be set to 10, leave Right alone as it will self-adjust.

20.) close out top layer and select bottom paper, duplicate layer.

21.) Carefully select one of the bottom two layers with the move tool. Then using your left arrow key, move to the left five times. Repeat with the other layer, only move to the right five times. Merge the two layers.

22.) Seamless tile, same as before.

23.) Effects, 3D Effects, Drop shadow on new layer.

24.) Seamless tile drop shadow layer, same as before. Highlight the solid paper layer, merge down.

25.) Highlight top layer, add drop shadow, then seamless tile the drop shadow layer. Highlight top layer, merge down.

26.) Add New Layer, move to bottom, flood fill with white.

27.) back to template/header image. Highlight Journal block/paper. Edit, copy.

28.) Back to side border, paste as new layer, move and position between the patterned paper layer and the solid border layer.

29.) Repeat steps 27 and 28 if you want to bring over the other element.

30.) If you wish to add text, rotate right 90 degrees, add layer, add your text and drop shadow, add another layer, add your watermark. Then rotate left 90 degrees, merge all. File, export, JPEG optimizer - same as header. Close this out. You are done with it.

Siggie Tag
31.) Back to your header. Open all layers.

32.) Image, Resize, set width to 300 pixels, your height will self adjust.

33.) Add your watermark if needed and save a blank taggie (File, Export, JPEG Optimizer, same settings as before) first before you add your siggie text to it.

34.) Open the blank tag you just made.

35.) Add your text... Use color(s) that complement your header. The drop shadow I usually use for my siggie texts is V at -2, H at 2, Opacity at 100, Blur at 2.50 and color = Black (0,0,0).

36.) Save your taggie.

You are now done with everything, now go and put your header and side border together in Letter Creator and don't forget to add in the credits to those who made the scrappy shtuff and the template.

I call this my "Summertime" Tutorial. Please link back to or please. Thank you.