Monday, January 19, 2009

Feb. Wallpaper Freebie

I made a wallpaper for February freebie while making my new Incredimail Letter and taggie. The Date bit is from Misty Cato Designs, photo from WWW ( and I used Acrylic Frames and the Love Me Tender scrapkit by bonscrapatitdesigns. It's made for 1600 by 1060 resolution (my 22 inch monitor). Thank you to both Misty and Linda for their wonderful designs! I always snag but am guilty of not leaving comments alot lately and for that I apologize. They both do wonderful work so if you visit them, be sure to leave them some major love!

Download no longer available. SOrry
Hope everyone likes it!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Photo Collage

I'm really enjoying this whole picture-a-day thing. The scrappy goodness I used for this layout is:

- Template #6 available from

- Scrap Kit I LOVE DENIM by Seachell except for the...

- Yellow-Lined paper. This is from Viva Artistry's "Beginnings" kit.

Thank you to each of these designers.

Fonts used were Sharpie and Pupcat.

The original size of this is 3600 x 3600, but I saved it down to 1800 x 1800 so that you could see it somewhat if you wanted to.

New week starts tomorrow... wonder what will come of my daily photo experiment. Hope everyone has a wonderful week! I'm off to finish watching the Steelers/Chargers football game.

Tempt Tutorial Try

Tried this tutorial and had to share my results... Scrap Paper is from the Sparkleberry set from - it's a lovely collab set that you can collect daily right now!

The Tutorial is called Tempt and is by Thru Sugar's Eyes - You can find the tutorial HERE.
I've also made an Incredimail Letter to match the taggie... but didn't make a preview for here. It's 1600 x 1050 though to match my 22 inch monitors.
I've also begun a project that I've learned that in the Scrappy World many are already doing... They call it a 365 project. I call it a daily photo thingy. LOL... anyway... I started it last week as an end of dec/beginning of jan thingie and my results were ... ehhhh...
I've been collecting different freebie 365 project templates but I actually do like the results of the first week. This is all just new to me and I'm trying to get it to motivate me to create more in the Scrappy World as well as with my writing.
Anyway... off to play Domesticated Goddess - a rare thing for me... there's the kitchen to clean, a Ham Dinner to prepare, Laundry to be done and then both the Eagles football game and the Steelers football game to be watched before the Season premiere of 24! AWESOME!!!!! Busy busy day ahead!