Wednesday, October 6, 2010

4Shared Abuse?

Apparently sharing of Incredimail Stationery that I create using other peeps Scrappy Goodness that I credit for is somehow ABUSE? I do not make money off these files, nor do I ask for donations. I did nothing wrong. Yet, my English Final letter was reported as abuse.  Hmmmm... well, to whomever reported the so-called abuse - did you even bother to contact me first and discuss the matter with me? NO. Are you killing my buzz? NO. Will I continue to create letters and tags using everything at my disposal? Absolutely. Will I continue to credit appropriately - 200% if I know who created the Scrappy Goodness. Will I continue to use 4Shared for my files - wait and see. Will I share links here for my letters? No. You'll have to join an Incredimail group to obtain the letters/tags that way. So to Debbie/Donald Downer... go play in traffic somewhere else and get a life and leave me alone.

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